June 1, 2022

At Arch Dental Implants & Oral Surgery, we want to provide every patient with a successful outcome, restoring function and aesthetics. To achieve this goal, we draw from advanced clinical knowledge and cutting-edge technology, and an emphasis on compassionate, patient-centered care. We want you to feel welcome, comfortable, and informed throughout your visit.

Our staff is second to none and includes team members with long histories in dentistry and oral health. We take pride in our kind demeanor and the accessibility of our surgeon. Our entire team is heavily involved in your care, closely coordinating with your dentist to ensure optimal results.

The office itself is bright, clean, and open. When you join us for the first time, we hope you will find the environment peaceful and modern. We have a private area for consultations so you can talk to your surgeon without any distractions.

Arch Dental Implants & Oral Surgery performs full-scope oral and maxillofacial surgery services, always putting your comfort and safety first. To find out more, schedule a consultation with us at (215) 774-1066.