June 7, 2022

A skeletal misalignment of the jawbone can result in chronic pain, difficulty biting and chewing, and even aesthetic concerns. The best way to achieve lasting relief is through corrective jaw surgery, which can bring your jawbone back into normal, healthy alignment. We perform jaw surgery at Arch Dental Implants & Oral Surgery, always prioritizing your comfort, safety, and outcomes.

What Types of Problems Does it Fix?

Corrective surgery can address issues of skeletal misalignment, including those present from birth and those resulting from facial trauma.

Corrective jaw surgery can be a viable treatment option to address chronic discomfort, TMJ disorders, and even an inharmonious facial appearance.

The First Steps

Your treatment journey will begin with a consultation where Dr. Daly will review medical images, perform a physical evaluation, and recommend treatment options. This consult is also an excellent time to ask questions about surgery, recovery, results, financing, and more.

The Surgery

You will be placed under full anesthesia during your surgery, ensuring your comfort and safety. Following the procedure, you will need further treatment from an orthodontist, who will ensure your teeth align into their proper, healthy position.

Recovery Phase

It is normal to experience discomfort after your corrective jaw surgery, and you must follow a restricted diet for a few days as the jaw heals. Expect to spend a week or so at home resting, recovering, and providing your body a chance to heal.

You’re in Good Hands with Us

Corrective jaw surgery can restore you to full form and function and significantly improve your quality of life. Find out more by scheduling a consultation with Arch Dental Implants & Oral Surgery at (215) 774-1066.